I got unprotected sex – exactly what can I do? Passed by the clinical team

Let’s admit it, unsafe sex sometimes happens, even with ideal intentions. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what doing after unsafe sex, although it doesn’t have to be a tragedy – there are numerous ways you can shield yourself against unwelcome pregnancy and also the growth of sexually transmitted attacks (STIs).

The main thing isn’t to stay your face from inside the mud and pretend nothing’s happened – the sooner you take motion, more easily you can prevent or heal any undesired difficulties of non-safe sex…

Our on line physician provider assists you to discreetly and remotely utilizing the day after supplement and STI monitors.

Deciding on an STI test?

Sexually transmitted problems (STIs)

Should you experience the symptoms after unsafe sex, you should get examined instantly.

In case you are experiencing these types of signs you should get yourself checked for STIs, or confer with your GP. They might never be caused by a sexually transmitted disease, but could suggest other medical problems.

Even although you become having no symptoms whatsoever, you ought to however become examined if there is any odds you have contracted an STI. It’s estimated that 50percent of men and 70-80percent of women with chlamydia, as an instance, dont encounter any outward symptoms.

It’s very important attain tested for STIs because they could form big difficulties. Females with chlamydia or gonorrhoea this is certainly not dealt with can develop pelvic inflammatory disease, a condition that may cause persistent aches, miscarriage and infertility.

Emergency contraception

You might think that, since you used the “withdrawal method”, or had gender in a specific situation or at a certain period of period, there’s no chance of pregnancy. Unfortunately, this is simply not the fact! Unprotected sex is nearly constantly from the risk rencontres pour adultes luthériens of maternity. When within the body, sperm can stay live and fertilise an egg for approximately seven days – please remember, it takes only anyone to have a baby.

If you find yourself a female who’s got unsafe sex and who not need to have expecting, emergency contraception should be a consideration. There are two main forms of crisis contraception: the disaster contraceptive medicine, or early morning after supplement, together with emergency coil, or IUD. The emergency coil should be equipped by a trained healthcare professional, nonetheless it can effectively lessen maternity for up to 5 time after unsafe sex. The morning after pill, at the same time, can be successful for 3-5 period (dependent on which sort make use of).

An emergency coil is generally fixed free-of-charge at intimate wellness clinics, or at specific GP operations. The morning after medicine can be readily available for clear of these areas, and certainly will end up being ordered from your on the web center and at the majority of pharmacies.

How to secure myself for the next occasion?


Unless you wish to have a baby, and/or any time you aren’t certain that your own sexual partner is STI-free, you should invariably utilize condoms (ideally men, as female condoms can be tough to need) for penetrative intercourse, and where feasible, dental care dams for dental sex.

Female contraception

If you find yourself a woman or people in a heterosexual monogamous connection, and therefore are maybe not involved that spouse have an STI, you do not want to bring an infant, you ought to either use condoms or contraception such as the contraceptive capsule, the coil, a diaphragm (with spermicide) or perhaps the implant or injection.

Men: just remember that , an unwanted maternity will be your obligations also – if you are planning to possess intercourse without a condom, make sure that your lover is using contraception.

Sex toys

STIs can easily be spread by using sex toys. Stay away from revealing toys and constantly clean them after used to reduce the dangers.

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